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Workshops are an incredible way to share knowledge, unlock ideas, and teach and connect with others.

Workshop Creator is an interactive online program to empower you to design and deliver high-quality workshops that engage and inspire any audience.

In 30 days you'll level up your skills in process design, content creation, facilitation, and public speaking - along with a peer group and coaching team supporting you every step of the way.

Transform your ideas into engaging interactive content

Be able to lead, guide, and support a group as a facilitator and coach

Develop your own unique presenting and storytelling style

Build your reputation and become a trusted authority

Is this for you?

Our participants include:

Consultants and Freelancers

Who want to bring more to their client engagements.

Content Creators and Makers

Who want to package their expertise and ideas into a workshop

Executives & Leaders

Who want more effective ways to convey ideas and bring their team along.

Learning Professionals

Who want to innovate, collaborate, and tap into fresh ideas.

Our alumni of workshop creators work across a wide range of topics and industries:

cybersecurity awareness...
to calligraphy creation

playing the trombone, to planning company strategy;

non-violent communication, to utilizing sustainability.

Inside the workshop

This is a 4 week program that will help you learn how to design and facilitate engaging educational workshops.

However, it goes way beyond that.

It'll change how you think about, develop, and present your work.

You’ll develop a whole range of transferrable, future proof skills: design, persuasion, critical thinking, storytelling, presenting, coaching, and management.

You'll get all the support you'll need along the way, and can take on the exercises in your own time.

Here's what's included.

What's included

4 Interactive Modules

Over 4 week-long sprints we will take you step by step through the journey to creating awesome workshops:

The first principles of what drives learning and growthDesigning a simple yet powerful session structureCreating content that's engaging and interactiveBuilding skills to lead, guide and support a group, and developing your own unique style of presentation, facilitation, and storytelling.

Bespoke Materials

Pre-work assignments to help us personalize the workshop around your needs and learning styleWorkshop handbook to help you make the most of the programVideo lessons released every other day over 30 daysQuestions and provocations with each video/audio piece to help guide, refine and clarify your thinkingTemplates and tools for all key concepts and exercises

Connected Community

24/7 discussion platform: Join a group, get personal feedback, share progress and ideasCoaching: support from trained coaches. They’ll champion and challenge you in equal measure90 minute live session each week with the workshop team including breakout exercises and Q&A

The Secret Skillset

Why do some people seem to be able to connect with others so easily, speak so persuasively, and get their ideas to spread?

And why do so many of us have to battle to get our message across?

Why are we overlooked for the next big opportunity, or struggle to be seen as an expert in our field?

The secret lies in knowledge. In today's world it's key to building careers, companies, and credibility.

But just having or acquiring knowledge isn't enough.

To be seen, to be noticed, to make things happen, we need to share it.

One of the most powerful ways to share knowledge is by having the skills to design and lead interactive educational workshops.

These skills can feel elusive, but they aren't exclusive: they’re valuable for individual contributors and managers; entrepreneurs and freelancers; consultants and career changers; leaders and starters.

In this workshop, you'll unlock the secret skillset to amplify your work.

From here... to there

After 30 days in the workshop you'll be primed to step up to the next level as a leader; offer your clients something fresh and exciting; or launch your own workshop packages.

You'll be able to:

Design a powerful and scaleable workshop or short course format you can apply to in-person, online or blended sessions
Effectively use a variety of teaching formats so you can connect with every member of a group
Use the key principles of learning design so you can easily break down and compellingly convey almost any concept
Develop your own unique presenting and storycrafting style so you can stand out from the field

Utilize some of the key elements of effective facilitation so you can lead, guide and support a room full of people
Seamlessly troubleshoot common problems, and effectively respond to change
Transform your content and ideas into a wide range of delivery styles and interactive exercises
Identify and design assets and resources that are clear, engaging, and memorable


Access to the workshop starts at $695.

The next cohort is scheduled to start in Spring 2020.
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Got a question?
Find out more at our FAQs

Your workshop team

Each workshop is helmed by a host. The host is the workshop linchpin.
They’ll be delivering the instructional content, running office hours, and are available to answer questions.

The workshop host is supported by a group of coaches. We’ve found coaches to be a crucial part of the workshop experience.
They are trained to help facilitate and bring out the best in you by being a sounding board, asking questions, and holding you accountable.

And from time to time we’ll also welcome special guests into the fold to provide bonus content and take on AMA sessions.

Your workshop host

This workshop is led by me, Howard Gray.

I'm an entrepreneur, educator, and coach based in NYC.

I've designed and facilitated education experiences spanning 1 hour workshops to long-form accelerator programs (and just about everything in between), and for audiences ranging from senior leaders at Fortune 100 companies to early stage entrepreneurs and 5 year old kids.

I'm a facilitator with leading international education companies Decoded and Hyper Island, a mentor at The New School and BUILD NYC, a member of the SXSW advisory board, and a certified professional coach for established professionals working in creative and digital fields.

Some of the companies I've worked with include Spotify, GE, IBM, Mastercard, Stella McCartney, NBC Universal, NYC.gov, and UBS, to name just a few.

I also host the ‘Tickets’ podcast, featuring guests from companies such as Airbnb, The New York Times, Sonar Festival and Duolingo, and am on an ongoing search for the perfect breakfast.

What they say

Don't just take our word for it.

Here are a few words from others who have been through our workshops.

‘Fun, dynamic, hands-on, great energy, and full of information’

‘Always excellent at explaining and making things easily understandable‘

‘Exceptional facilitator‘

'Helped me find my own voice'

'I have learned to be a better communicator, leader and entrepreneur with their guidance, openness, honesty and feedback.'

‘Really helped me gain the confidence I need to grow my business and be great.‘

‘Incredibly supportive and knowledgeable’

‘GREAT! super helpful, friendly and responsive‘

“Extraordinary – one of the best teachers I’ve had in any environment”

‘Great presentation skills and interpersonal skills’

'Made me feel like I belong in the ecosystem. I found my purpose'

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Got a question? Want to learn more?


On this page are answers to some of the questions we hear most often. If you don't see your question listed, drop us a line >

Questions relating to the non-profit special edition

How does the non-profit donation work for this edition of the workshop?

First, make your donation (there's a minimum of $200 to join the workshop), then fill out the workshop application form,

Once we've processed your application, you'll get an email from us with a workshop welcome pack.

That's it!

Can I sponsor someone else to join the workshop?

Absolutely! If this isn't a good fit for you personally, your schedule doesn't allow you to join this edition, you can nominate someone else to join in your place.
Just make your donation, send the receipt to the person who will be joining the workshop, and ask them to fill out the application form (making sure they mention that you've sponsored their place)

Why did you choose these non-profits?

One of the biggest reasons we do this work is because we believe everyone has the potential to go beyond, and that everyone deserves the opportunity to fulfil that potential.

These non-profits are some of the organizations we believe are pushing things forward on this front.

Some of the organizations were chosen by us as a team, others were nominated by individual coaches who are kindly donating their time to support this edition of the workshop.

Can I suggest a non-profit to add to to the list of options?

Yes, please contact us to tell us about it.

General FAQ

Who is this for?

Some of the groups who tend to sign up our workshops include:

Professionals working in companies where they want to share knowledge and build the capabilities of othersSmall business owners wanting to create their own education experiencesFreelancers and consultants seeking to stand apart from competition by offering something different
But really, it's not important where you come from. We care about where you’re at, and where you’re going. This is probably for you if:

You’re willing to try things that may not workYou want to build a network that brings personal and professional opportunitiesYou have something to share with the world

How does this work?

Every other day of the 30 day duration of the workshop you'll receive a 5-10 min video lesson from the workshop team along with some prompts and exercises to work on. Once a week we'll run a live session to go through the module content, break out into some group exercises, and answer questions.

Each week there will also be a smaller group office hours session to help overcome any blockers or challenges you may be experiencing.

Throughout the program you'll have access to the workshop team, but more importantly you'll have access to a group of like minds to share your work with.

You'll be able to access all the content from the workshop for up to 60 days after the main 30 day program finishes.

How is this different to a course?

Workshops are different to typical online courses. There aren't exact deadlines and rigid schedules, where you get a grade and either pass or fail.

Like a course, it'll need commitment from you, but unlike a course that commitment goes beyond absorbing content. It needs commitment to find the time and space, to ask yourself difficult questions, to contribute to the conversation, and to offer your perspective. In exchange we'll give you guidance, support, accountability, and celebration.

You can easily finish the curriculum and assignments in the workshop within a few weeks, but the workshop stays open for longer as there’s far more to explore: there's the network, the ideas, the support, and the long-lasting connections.

Why does the workshop cost this much?

This workshop is more expensive than most online courses. But that’s because it’s not just an online course.

It's an interactive experience: you'll connect with others, and get support from our team of coaches to support your learning and progress. We’ve seen how powerful coaching can be, and all our workshops have a coaching team.

We also want the people who participate in our workshops to be committed and invested. It’s really easy to lose interest or motivation with a lot of online courses, so this workshop is designed to benefit those who are looking to grow themselves, and want to support others who want to do the same.

When does the workshop start and finish?

The workshop starts on February 3rd. The workshop itself lasts for 30 days, and the discussion forum stays open for another 60 days.

Do I have to travel?

No - you don't have to travel. The discussion boards are open 24/7 so you can communicate with others in the workshop whenever you like. You'll be able to access all the lessons and course materials in digital format through the workshop portal. As long as you have a computer and Internet connection, you can be part of the workshop.

To enable as many people as possible to attend the live sessions, these take place at 3pm ET // 12pm PT // 8pm GMT // 9pm CET.

However, if you are seeking an in-person experience we do run select 1 and 2 day in-person sessions. These sessions are currently held in New York, London and Amsterdam. To register your interest for these cities, or if you'd like to discuss us visiting your location - get in touch

How much time does it take to do the workshop each week?

On average, you'll get a lot from the workshop if you invest 3-4 hours per week. We recommend committing for the 4 week period, but if you need to come back to anything later the workshop stays open for an additional 60 days after the main program finishes.

When it comes to the modules themselves, you'll find some modules easier than the others: you may breeze through some lessons and trudge through others. Of course, life happens, and you'll get more work done on some days than other days. We know how it is. If you stay curious and stay connected, we're confident you'll come out way further ahead than when you started.

Who are the other participants?

This workshop isn't designed with one specific demographic or industry in mind. We seek to include as diverse a range of participants as possible because the opportunities for learning and inspiration increase.

I already have experience designing and running workshops. Is this a good fit for me?

Absolutely. We've found revisiting the fundamentals is always worthwhile, but this program also goes well beyond that. We'll provide resources and exercises that will encourage you to stretch yourself and try out practicing some new techniques.

One of the things we love about this work that there's always so much to learn - new mediums for creating content; discovering different questions to ask; seeing another method for delivering an activity.

And as well as the ideas we provide, the other people in the group will be there to inspire and challenge you.

Now isn't a great time. When will this workshop open again?

If now isn’t the best time for you, keep in mind that you can still register now and secure your spot in a later cohort that you know will be the best time for you, before it’s full. We plan to run the workshop 3 times per year.

What if I don't have an idea for my workshop?

No problem - you don't need to have an idea for your workshop yet. This workshop has an entire module dedicated to helping you identify a strong idea and concept, and even without a specific topic to work on you'll still find there are many learnings to glean and skills to build.

Is there an exam?

No. This is a workshop, so there aren’t tests, exams, or grades.

How much experience do I need to take the workshop?

None. No prior knowledge of the topic is required. We recommend bringing your curiosity, ideas, and intention. That's usually a good place to start.

What's the tech stack you use?

Part of the reason we're able to offer this program at such an affordable price (a program like this costs companies $15-$25k to run with us) is the flexibility and interactivity that technology gives us. Among the technologies we use, we utilize Discourse to run our discussion forums, Zoom for live sessions, and Google Suite to share resources. We've chosen these tools because of their portability, accessibility, and ease of use. Throughout the workshops we'll also share some other tools we've found hugely beneficial for creating content, facilitating sessions, and organizing assets.

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We're supporting the following non-profit organizations.
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  • Build: Uses the power of entrepreneurship to ignite the potential of youth in under-resourced communities and prepare them for high school, college, and careers

  • The Roundhouse: London's Roundhouse is a venue and creative hub giving young people the chance to engage with the arts through music, media and performance projects, inspiring them to reach further, dream bigger, and achieve more.

  • Streetwise Partners: Pairs business professionals with mentees who are unemployed or underemployed in order to provide them with the skills, resources, and access to networks they need to secure and maintain employment.

  • The Trevor Project: Provides crisis intervention and suicide prevention services for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and questioning young people under 25, as well as offering guidance and resources to parents and educators.

  • City Harvest: Feeds the more than 1.2 million New Yorkers who are food-insecure by rescuing millions of pounds of food and delivering it to hundreds of food pantries, soup kitchens and other community partners across the five boroughs.

Here's how it works:
1. Click 'Enroll Now' and complete the workshop registration form
2. Make a donation to the non-profit partner of your choice
3. Once we've processed your application we'll send you a pre-workshop info packet
4. Get ready to say hello to your workshop cohort!

Hello 2020! To kickstart a new decade we have a very special offer.

Donate to one of our supported non profit partners and you'll get access to the February edition of the workshop completely free of charge.